Sinkhole Remediation

The South African Council for Geoscience estimates that approximately 25% of Gauteng Province, as well as parts of Mpumulanga, Limpopo, North West and Northern Cape Provinces, are underlain by dolomite. Areas underlain by dolomite are prone to sudden, catastrophic collapse which may lead to death, injury or structural damage due to formation of structures known as sinkholes. This poses a potential risk to the safety of many people and the structures in which they work and live. The problem with dolomite sinkholes in South Africa is that they are quite expensive to rehabilitate or repair.

In some cases people, businesses and roads have been relocated due to the occurrence of dolomite sinkholes which presented significant safety risk.

For the past two years, Hoffenheim Geotechnik has been working on developing alternative and cost effective solutions for sinkhole remediation. Our solutions are designed to complement exiting technology and to comply with existing legislation.

Hoffenheim Geotechnik offer cost effective sinkhole remediation services. These services are specifically aimed at repairs of sinkholes and underground cavities associated with dolomitic ground. However, we also have capabilities to repair ground subsidence and underground cavities caused by leaking pipes, old mine workings, dispersible soil. These services are carried-out under the supervision of our engineering geologists, structural and geotechnical engineers. Our sinkhole remediation services include the following:

  • Percussion Drilling and Logging

  • In accordance with SANS 1936-Part 1-2:

    Application of general principles and requirements, carrying out of special geotechnical investigations and determinations, sinkhole hazard classification and dolomite stability assessment

  • In accordance with SANS 1936-Part 3-4:

    Special design and modified construction of buildings, structures and infrastructure to mitigate against dolomite instability, as well as, the implementation of post-construction risk management strategies.

  • Sinkhole and underground cavity repair in accordance with SANS 2001-BE3:2012

  • Site specific rational engineering design solutions