Groundwater Monitoring and Testing

Hoffenheim Geotechnik offers a wide range of specialised in-situ groundwater monitoring and testing services for open pit mining, civil engineering and tailings dams. All our in-situ geotechnical monitoring and testing services are carried-out in accordance with local standards and guidelines. International standards are used for applications for which local standards do not exist, and are overseen by our professionally registered civil geotechnical engineers and engineering geologists. Hoffenheim Geotechnik also work with other partner companies in offering certain highly specialised  monitoring technology. We supply and install a range of instruments for groundwater monitoring and testing. Our competencies in this area encompass:

  • Supply and Installation of VW Piezometers (Standpipe, Pushed and Fully Grouted)

  • Routine Groundwater Sampling and Monitoring

  • Borehole Testing (Pecker and slug)

  • Hydrogeological Drilling

  • Hydrogeological Investigations